The Eurasian Academy of Good Practice has created a teaching simulation package "Virtual Pharmaceutical Factory for education"

Using augmented virtual reality, it allows pharmaceutical, biotechnology and chemical engineering students to practise the skills needed to work in a pharmaceutical production facility.

The new "Virtual Pharmaceutical Factory for education" training package is designed to provide practical training in industrial pharmacy technology in an augmented reality environment. Its application will help to develop practical skills in the organisation of a pharmaceutical company, production logistics, pharmaceutical quality system, as well as other areas related to industrial pharmacy. The toolkit consists of 6 modules which can be adapted to different numbers of learning hours.

Simulation technologies make it possible to implement full-fledged industrial practice, which is difficult to achieve in an operating pharmaceutical company due to strict hygiene requirements, strict rules of conduct in the clean area and other internal regulations," explains Irina Spichak, CEO of the Eurasian Academy of Good Practice, Doctor of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Professor. - In a virtual environment, trainees have a unique opportunity to visit closed production areas where trainees and trainees are not allowed.

An immersive experience of pharmaceutical production takes place using a VR-helmet and joysticks. Each student is able to view the components of the production process in detail at his or her own individual pace. In particular, the implemented scenarios include warehouse processes, clean areas of the plant, production processes of solid dosage forms: weighing, mixing, pelletising, tabletting, formation of primary and secondary packaging, operation of engineering systems, etc. Thus, the simulation complex gives an opportunity to try oneself in the role of an employee of a pharmaceutical company and to apply the acquired knowledge in practice. In the future, when young specialists go into real production, it will be much easier for them to adapt.

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"Our new educational product contains unique software based on virtual reality, as well as an educational and methodological complex, including extensive lecture material on industrial pharmacy, a test base, a set of simulation tasks developed on the example of situations in specific production facilities, 7 business games implemented on the basis of the virtual complex, an industrial practice diary with a set of tasks that the student must keep during each day of practice, as well as guidelines for pre-programme training", - said Lyubov Zasova, deputy director for educational activities at the Eurasia Academy of Good Practices and candidate of sociological sciences.

A professional development programme on the Virtual Pharmaceutical Plant simulation complex has been developed specially for university teachers at the Academy. Students who have already had an opportunity to try out the simulation complex note that virtual technology makes the educational process more interesting and memorable, and most importantly, it gives an understanding of the production environment and reveals the nuances of working in different areas of pharmaceutical production.

For more information and to order the Virtual Pharmaceutical Factory for education simulation system, please follow this link.