Tasks of the Academy

Our main goal is to increase the level of knowledge and competencies of pharmaceutical specialists in the field of good practices, including practices for inspecting drug production, as well as assistance in providing the pharmaceutical industry, authorized state bodies dealing with the quality of production and regulation of drug circulation, with qualified personnel. Thus, the Academy will contribute to improving the quality of the regulatory system of the Eurasian Union.

First and foremost, we focus on Good Manufacturing Practices. At this stage of the formation of a single EAEU market, the issue of mutual trust between the inspectorates is very important. If there is no mutual trust, we will not be able to recognize certificates issued by other states of the Eurasian Union within the framework of a single market. And the Eurasian Academy of Good Practices can become the platform where unified approaches to inspection will be developed, the requirements of GMP rules within the Union will be clarified, where a unified professional view of the requirements for pharmaceutical production and specialists in the pharmaceutical industry will be formed.