Executive Director of the Eurasian Academy of Good Practices, Professor Irina Spichak spoke at the pharmaceutical festival "Dialogue with the Future"
Irina Spichak listed the most popular specialties in the pharmaceutical industry and spoke about the personnel expectations of manufacturers of medicines.
The Eurasian Academy of Good Practices conducted training of employees of the company "Nacimbio"
The employees of the company "Nacimbio" have completed training according to a special program developed by the Eurasian Academy of Good Practices at the request of the company. The course was aimed at improving the qualification level of the holding's employees in the field of organizing a quality system at a pharmaceutical enterprise in accordance with GMP requirements
What trends determine the development of the quality system of pharmaceutical production
This year, the company "Nacimbio" has entered into a strategic partnership with the Eurasian Academy of Good Practices to jointly promote innovations in the field of pharmaceutical quality. The international industry competition "GxP-Profi" has become the largest event supported by the holding within the framework of this cooperation. Alla Mikhailova, Quality Director of the NPO "Microgen" (part of the company "Nacimbio"), told the "GxP News" about the key trends in the quality of pharmaceutical production that the partners were able to identify this year.
How the risk-based approach works in the pharmaceutical quality system
The winner of the international industry competition "GxP-Profi", initiated by the Eurasian Academy of Good Practices, was the company "AKRIKHIN" with the innovative project "Data Integrity. From good to better." The essence of the solution was to apply a risk-oriented approach to the integrity of the quality system data, taking into account current international requirements. Faiza Yagudina, Quality Director of the company "AKRIKHIN", told the "GxP News" about the effectiveness of this concept and what winning the competition means for the company.