What trends determine the development of the quality system of pharmaceutical production

This year, the company "Nacimbio" has entered into a strategic partnership with the Eurasian Academy of Good Practices to jointly promote innovations in the field of pharmaceutical quality. The international industry competition "GxP-Profi" has become the largest event supported by the holding within the framework of this cooperation. Alla Mikhailova, Quality Director of the NPO "Microgen" (part of the company "Nacimbio"), told the "GxP News" about the key trends in the quality of pharmaceutical production that the partners were able to identify this year.

What is the cooperation of your company with the Eurasian Academy of Good Practices?
The promotion of innovations in the field of pharmaceutical production quality and all related initiatives are a priority for our company, so the partnership with the Academy has become a logical continuation of our strategy. This year it included a whole range of events. For example, together with colleagues, we have prepared a series of training webinars, in which we identified topical topics from various areas of quality assurance in pharmaceutical production. I am sure that they were useful not only to the employees of the holding "Nacimbio", but also to a wide range of specialists in the pharmaceutical industry. And of course, this is the "GxP Profi" competition, which has become a great platform for the development, interaction and exchange of experience of industry participants.

This year the competition was held for the first time. What are your impressions of him?
This event clearly demonstrated that we are not standing still and can develop, reach an international audience, offering solutions that will not be the last in a series of global innovations. Thanks to the competition, we and the entire industry saw that in the current realities there are new, very effective formats for interaction. This is really just the beginning, then you can organize exhibitions, special meetings, radio or TV shows and much more. We can share our experience of innovation in the field of quality to a wide audience, find associates and investors. We can say that the competition gave the industry a strong motivation to generate new ideas.

What current trends in the field of pharmaceutical production quality have you managed to fix in the framework of cooperation with the Academy?
I probably won't be mistaken if I say that the main trend now is digitalization. Today we hear a lot about the need to move away from paper media, to convert systems completely into electronic form. I think this is the main vector of development for Russian pharmaceutical enterprises, including the NPO "Microgen".

Source: www.gxpnews.net