The Eurasian Academy of Good Practices conducted training of employees of the company "Nacimbio"

The employees of the company "Nacimbio" have completed training according to a special program developed by the Eurasian Academy of Good Practices at the request of the company. The course was aimed at improving the qualification level of the holding's employees in the field of organizing a quality system at a pharmaceutical enterprise in accordance with GMP requirements

The task of obtaining real socio-economic effects for the sustainable development of the Russian economy, including in such high-tech areas as pharmaceuticals, is the availability of highly qualified personnel at the enterprise, the academy stressed. The " company Nacimbio" is one of the key manufacturers of biological medicines in the country. The holding unites the leading Russian pharmaceutical companies for the production of a number of immunobiological medicines: vaccines, bacteriophages, botulinum toxin type A, allergens and blood products - in total, more than 230 names of medicines in the consolidated product portfolio of the company.
The total number of employees employed in production exceeds several thousand people. An effective pharmaceutical quality system has been built at each the "Nacimbio" company website, the Academy added. One of the critically important issues that is in the focus of the company's top management is the implementation of a personnel policy aimed at continuously improving the education and training of employees. As part of this work, the company "Nacimbio", together with the Eurasian Academy of Good Practices, implemented a large-scale project this year aimed at improving the professional level of the holding's specialists in the field of GMP practice in pharmaceutical production.

The training process involved leading industry experts with successful experience in production, including research and development, registration, engineering and design, production and quality assurance. Among the authors of the educational program and teachers are specialists of the State Institute of Drugs and Good Practices of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Russia, domestic and foreign pharmaceutical companies, professors and associate professors of leading specialized universities. As part of the course, webinars, lectures and practical blocks are organized, including with the use of virtual educational technologies. The program, compiled taking into account individual wishes and the specifics of the holding's work, included three intensive modules devoted to topical issues of good manufacturing practice, auditing the production of medicines, aspects of the pharmaceutical quality system in the context of digital transformation. In total, more than 100 employees of the company "Nacimbio" enterprises were trained.