Executive Director of the Eurasian Academy of Good Practices, Professor Irina Spichak spoke at the pharmaceutical festival "Dialogue with the Future"

Irina Spichak listed the most popular specialties in the pharmaceutical industry and spoke about the personnel expectations of manufacturers of medicines.

According to Irina Spichak, in the near future, manufacturing engineers, specialists in the field of quality control, validation, product portfolio development, development of new medicines, registration of medicines, as well as pharmacovigilance will be especially in demand in the pharmaceutical industry. "Unfortunately, industry education is more focused on pharmacy workers, and this is a rather narrow direction that is not suitable for everyone," Irina Spichak noted. "At the same time, industrial pharma opens up huge career prospects for active, purposeful and ambitious young people."
Currently, according to her, pharmaceutical enterprises spend on the additional training of university graduates on average from 3 months to 1 year. And everyone, of course, is interested in having already trained specialists with the right set of competencies come to production. The "GxP-Fest", which was held by the Eurasian Academy of Good Practices in 2022, showed that students are well prepared theoretically, but they lack practice. The greatest difficulties in the GxP battle were caused by issues related to the actual production and operation of high-tech equipment. Strict restrictions and increased safety requirements do not allow organizing in-depth industrial practice for students at pharmaceutical enterprises, but simulation technologies come to the rescue here. The Academy, together with the "GID & GP", offers the pharmaceutical market a unique VR product - "Virtual Factory 2.0", which allows you to achieve a qualitatively new level of immersion in the learning process thanks to accurate and realistic visualization of industrial equipment and pharmaceutical production processes. This is a full-fledged fitness complex, which can be used as an additional tool for industrial technology production practice.

In conclusion, Irina Spichak noted that the industry expects to see specialists who have deep professional knowledge and practical skills, as well as are oriented in modern digital technologies. Also, a successful career requires such personal qualities as the desire for constant development and responsibility, the ability to learn quickly and be effective, as well as the ability to work in a team. The III Student Interuniversity Pharmaceutical Festival "Dialogue with the Future" was organized by the pharmaceutical companies "Sotex" and "Rafarma" with the support of the "GID & GP" and the leading universities of the country. During the event, students from Russia and CIS countries demonstrated the skills and competencies necessary to work at a modern pharmaceutical enterprise. The business program was attended by leading industry experts.