On March 15, the qualifying stage of the international student festival "GxP-Fest 2023" took place

A total of 106 teams and 45 individual participants from 78 universities in Russia and the EAEU countries took part in the qualifying round.

The qualifying round was held on the online platform of the Eurasian Academy of Good Practice in the format of a pharmaceutical battle. Participants were asked to complete 30 test tasks and solve 2 case studies.

An observer was assigned to each team by the organisers to ensure that the participants answered the questions independently and did not use any hints. Completeness in solving the situation tasks will be judged by the expert jury of the competition.

The results of the qualifying stage will be published on the Academy website on March 21. The students who make it to the final will receive official invitations to participate in the final stage of the festival, which will be held on April 21 in Moscow.

The final stage will be a "GxP-Quest", an entertaining game of deriving professional answers and solutions according to the tasks of a special playing field with various level of obstacles and opportunities.
The GxP-Quest will also take place for individual participants, but in a hybrid format and, for the first time, in two languages (Russian and English).

The final day of the festival will also feature an open dialogue between regulators, leading pharmaceutical industry experts and relevant students and university professors. Participants will have the opportunity to ask questions to representatives of regulatory bodies, industry experts and top managers of well-known pharmaceutical companies. On the same day, GxP-Fest will host professional contests, master classes and online meetings with representatives of the industry business community, as well as a job fair where students can get selected for internships in top pharmaceutical companies, and graduates can start a successful career in the industry.

Besides, before the final stage students can take part in the traditional creative competition and send their author's picture on the theme "The pharmacy specialist of the future. What is he like?". We invite you to fantasise about your future profession within the pharmaceutical industry and GxP practices. The use of professional paraphernalia is encouraged.